Dermatology @ 480

Cryotherapy or freezing of skin lesions is performed by our Dermatologists using liquid nitrogen. The common lesions frozen are viral warts, seborrhoeic or age keratoses and solar keratoses which are precancerous lesions. Superficial basal cell cancers can also be frozen using a double freeze technique. Freezing can take between 5 and 30 seconds and is painful but most patients can tolerate the discomfort which improves after a few minutes. There is swelling, redness, blistering scabbing and crusting which takes about 2 weeks to resolve. The treated area should be kept clean but can be washed normally and an antiseptic cream can be applied until it heals. It can be covered with a dressing or bandaid if it is weepy, for cosmetic reasons or if you are doing any dirty or dusty activities.